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Today Continued

22 Feb

These are a few more photos I snapped even thought the weather was not the best.

When I see these starting to grow I know spring is on its way.

I also went and done my voluntary work this morning.while I was upstairs preparing the clothes to be sold I found quite a few bargains and was very happy.

These were £4.00 Each!!!!

This was too cute to not get

I also got a grey leopard print cardigan and also an expansion pack for the sims 2 game.All in all very good buys today =)


Yesterdays Buys

12 Feb

I have just realised that I forgot to add this photo to the post yesterday.As i said before me and Kieran went to Hobbycraft and this is what I bought.

blank square cards,easter card making kit and also an easter egg mold (which I can’t wait to try out)

I must admit this is the least amount of goodie I have ever bought from there.Mind you there wasn’t as many offers as usual.maybe next time.

Later The Same Day

31 Jan

Like every other monday morning I went and volunteered at the charity shop for a few hours.Only today I have started till training =) where I get to serve customers.I’m very excited about this.As usual I bought goodies from there.

These both were under £3.00 each,id say that’s a bargain.

I also got 3 more pin badges.

Plus 2 more of these

So all in all a good day getting the bargains

Todays Mail

29 Jan

I really didn’t expect this to arrive this morning due to the fact I only ordered it on Thursday but here it is.I so thrilled with this and not only does it have great ideas and techniques but they are just generally a really really pretty set.

This book is actually made up of 10 mini books in different areas of sewing.

I got this because I really want to learn how to sew (properly) and it covers everything I need to know to get me started.I can’t wait to start some of the project inside.

Today Is A Good Day

26 Jan

When I woke this morning I felt like I was in a non optimistic mood due to being tired and how the weather was (very cloudy,dark and miseriable.while wainting for the bus to go and volunteer for an hour there was a bit of blue sky trying to break through and that put me back in my positive mood.

While I was volunteering there was two large bags full of old craft magazine that were a couple of years old that had been donated.Unfortuntly the shop doesn’t sell magazine very well so they were going to be thrown out.But the manager said keep them for other volunteers that are interested in crafts and just donate a £1 for however many you pick.I was so happy with these because I love some of the project inside.Looking through them I ended up picking 11.I think there was roughly about 50+ magazines.

After I had volunteered I went to see if a shop had any more of the blue nose friends products the sale (half price)  I was in luck =)

And if that wasn’t goodness in one day when I saw Kieran later on he had bought me these =)


Project 365

24 Jan

photo Number 24

This pretty pin brooch I bought from the charity shop where I volunteer at for £1.50.A couple of petals on one or two of the flowers have come off but it not obvious and I thought this was too cute.

Also today I gots……

Come Valentine’s day I will make heart-shaped biscuits for me and Kieran =).I already have a heart-shaped

cookie cutter but I don’t have various sizes.Not bad for £1.00

And also

A Mini Sewing Machine

Lets hope that I can get used to using a sewing machine and make lots of pretty things =)

My order has Arrived!

14 Jan

I couldn’t believe this when I opened it.I didn’t think I would get it so soon after ordering it a few days ago.I’m so happy and even thought I have only had a quick flick thought I absolutely love this book!

I saw this book a while back on and after reading the reviews I soon added it to my wish list =). Also in the latest issue of  papercraft inspirations magazine (Issue 82,January 2011) there was also a review of the book saying about the “best crafty reads for January”.After reading that I was like I need to order me a copy!

Flicking though the pages I noticed it said she runs a blog so I typed the book in google and got her blog.