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artist talk 2pm Mr Shrigley

26 Feb

Today Mr David Shrigley came into our college to give us a talk about his work and his practice.I had looked at his work for previous projects.I quite like his work because they amuse me over something so simle.It was a good laugh and he seemed to enjoy himself.

Some of his work is currently over at the Walsall Art Gallery for the Party exhibition until 18th April 2010


Mini Shelves

24 Feb

I got my mini shelves made today whihc made me happy

course they needed a little splash of colour to them.

I think the smallness makes them cute =)

          The emptynes made me sad

nice bit of colour

looking better,still needs more colour




i got there in the end

23 Feb

I finally went to Gadsbys in Walsall today after nearly 2 years of planning on going there.I didnt expect so much crafting supplies there I thought it was more so just art supplies they sold.there was quite  a few good offers on.unfortuntly my purse fund was ver very low so i only bought 1 thing.i know i will be gonig there more in future 🙂

my bargin-large rubber stamp for just £1.99!

more snow!when will it end

21 Feb



Oh My God!

20 Feb

This is love at first sight,i just had to buy it!

I love it so much and can’t wait for the others to come out 🙂

This is the first issue and plan to take a photo of each one i collect

if you are a kitty fan then this is a MUST GET!

Happy Pancake Day!

16 Feb

Hope you all enjoyed  your pancakes.

This is one i made that put a smile on my face

smiles all round

always in my head when i bake =)

3 Feb

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.
I got love in my tummy,
And I feel like a-lovin you:
Love, you’re such a sweet thing,
Good enough to eat thing
And that’s just a-what I’m gonna do.