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Later The Same Day

31 Jan

Like every other monday morning I went and volunteered at the charity shop for a few hours.Only today I have started till training =) where I get to serve customers.I’m very excited about this.As usual I bought goodies from there.

These both were under £3.00 each,id say that’s a bargain.

I also got 3 more pin badges.

Plus 2 more of these

So all in all a good day getting the bargains


Project 365

31 Jan

Photo Number 31

We Made

30 Jan

A belated gingerbread House

I’ve had this kit since before christmas and me and Kieran planned on building it.As you can see we weren’t the best but it was really fun.

To say it was our first attempt at doing this I was I’m happy with the outcome.Even if it did take longer than what it said and we did put the roof on the wrong was which meant there was a massive gap at the top and we didn’t know why.

Project 365

30 Jan

Photo Number 30

Project 365

29 Jan

Photo Number 29

I was really feeling the pretty books for this one =)

Todays Mail

29 Jan

I really didn’t expect this to arrive this morning due to the fact I only ordered it on Thursday but here it is.I so thrilled with this and not only does it have great ideas and techniques but they are just generally a really really pretty set.

This book is actually made up of 10 mini books in different areas of sewing.

I got this because I really want to learn how to sew (properly) and it covers everything I need to know to get me started.I can’t wait to start some of the project inside.

Throughout The day

28 Jan

Another sky picture before the sun rise

 While walking through the park

Also Kieran Bought me this today aswell which I’m really in love with.