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Another Productive Day

27 May

Due to today was the take down of the show i didn’t need to do anything to mine becasue they are on about leaving my wall design up permanently yay =) so i got to spend the day with Kieran and went to go watch Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.I really enjoyed the film and Jake Gyllenhaal was looking very nice hehehe.For anyone who doesn’t know what the film is about watch this trailor I also bought myself a few things

Two Cupcake Cake Tins for £1.99

Cupcake Tray for 99p

And these for under £2.00

To end the day we played Nightmare Beofre Christmas monopoly that i had bought him for christmas 2009.This was the first successful game and i won! (not very often i do) and Kieran was very upset and wouldn’t admit to his loss (bless him)


I have my own Studio

27 May

I’m very excited that it’s all the painting is now finished.Not the biggest of spaces but its way better than having the desk in the corner of my room at the bottom of my bed.It is looking very bare at the moment but it is not something that will happen over night,it will take time to get it very me.Here are a few pictures of it so far.

My work area

Craft stash (still more to add from other room)

Magazines all nice and neat

Glitter box!!!!

I will keep you up dated with any more improvements to the room =)

booked in to see Bob and Roberta Smith at 11.00am on Friday 28th May 2010

27 May

For anyone who has not seen any of Bob & Roberta Smith’s work then check out the following

What i found

23 May

Today me and my dad painted the spare bedroom becasue i can use it for when i’m crafting or doing my art work so really it’s kind of my studio with i’m excited over =) I had to sort out a few things and i found these in a box.I got them some time last month but i never blogged about them.My nan and grandad bought me these when i went with the to hollybush garden centre one weekend.The 2nd cupcake i bought myself.Anyways i hope you enjoy =)

End Of Year Summer Show =)

20 May

Here are a few images of my work in the end of  year show.

Sneak Preview Of My Work

17 May

I will Up load more photos of my work later in the week =)

End Of Year Summer Show 2010

14 May