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Happy Baking

12 Mar

Today one was in a very baking mood =)

I’ve actually had this set since christmas and the date is up soon so thought to myself better get a move on and make these so they don’t go to waste.I also have another mix that i will make at a later date.

Tiny little paper cases

And the finished result


Lovely Prettyness

10 Mar

I saw the advert the over night and was like OH MY GOD!!!I must have!So today while in town I went on a mission to find it and I was


Issue 1 + 6 cupcake moulds

We Made

30 Jan

A belated gingerbread House

I’ve had this kit since before christmas and me and Kieran planned on building it.As you can see we weren’t the best but it was really fun.

To say it was our first attempt at doing this I was I’m happy with the outcome.Even if it did take longer than what it said and we did put the roof on the wrong was which meant there was a massive gap at the top and we didn’t know why.

First Attempt………..Successful!!!!

19 Aug

Remember back a while ago i bought this from a charity shop for just under £2.00.

Well last night i actually thought to myself i’ll have a go at making some.I really enjoyed it although it was a messy process but i didn’t mind.To make it all you need is flour,salt and water,it that simple.At first the dough was really sticky sio i had to keep adding a little more flour until it was are some photo’s i took.

After kneading for 10minutes

Just before going into the Oven at 120C for about 3 hours.A couple of thicker i made needed longer.

After 3 hours

And now ready to be painted!


What I Made last Night

16 Jul

For a small gathering of people tonight I decided to some cupcakes.

Plain vanilla with chocolate chips in + chocolate topping

The next lot of cupcakes I made I got the idea from

She make cakes and  they looked really good so I had a go at trying it.Wish they were bit brighter but they tasted nice nice =)

mixing the food colouring

 The outcome

Thank Yous

7 Jul

While out shopping motherdear came across this at a charity shop and got it me.I’ve been after one of these for a while now but only found them on the internet for like £7+ and then P&P on top of that.

It was only 50p brand new!

I can’t wait to use it.I do also have a donut maker but so far been unsuccessful with it.Think i may need to use a different recipe.


6 Jul

Today I decided to make shortbread =)

I couldn’t make many thought due to low flour supplies but i made the most of what i had all ready got.

Yummy Yummy Yummy Yum Yum =)