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Melting Moments

30 Sep

On Tuesday i joined my local libary (been years since i last signed up) and i took these two books out on a three week loan.










Well today i desisded to have about at making something out of the one hour craft.Out of all the projects i picked one where you melt pony beads in the oven inside cookie cutters.It does give you a warning that it will give off a strong smell so you are advised to be in a well ventalated area when working.

You have to make sure that the holemin the bead faces up so it gets no air-bubbles.Once you have made one layer start a second filling the gaps from the previuos layer still with the hole facing up.


More Bargain Buys

27 Sep

Yesterday my dad and I went to two carboot sales that were just about 15 minutes away.It has been years since I went to a carboot sale with my dad.The first one we went to we hadn’t been before and was amazed with how many stalls were there.

After spending about over an hour I passed one stall with a pile of books on the floor.I had a rummage through and found “best ever craft project book”.It didn’t have a price on and when I asked they said 50p!My eyes lit up and was like I’ll take it without even thinking,I just got too excited.

After walking round some more there was another stall similar to where I got my books from and found the other two books there which were also 50p each!So all together I spent £1.50 on 3 great books.

I’ve looked on and for these 3 books together would cost me £27.07 so all in all I can say this was a bargain and a half.


So Pretty

24 Sep

I’ve been wanting one of these now for a while since I saw some really pretty ones in Hollybush.While in town with a friend I saw these for just £1.After about 3 minutes of stabbing myself with them I picked up the one I wanted.

Today’s Mail

24 Sep

I can’t believe its been 6 weeks since my last package came.I think it’s gone so fast.Anyways this is what i got this time.

Issue 15 + Small Bowl

Issue 16 + Sugar Bowl

Issue 17 + bowl

Happy 70th Birthday Grandad

19 Sep

Today is my Gradad’s birthday but not just any birthday but 70th.He’s been the best grandad in the world to me.We had a surprise gathering here last night for him and he loved it.

This is the cake that me n motherdear made for him =).I added the trees and mushrooms room the edge to make if feel more like a garden.

The Birthday Boy himself.


Handmade Just For You

16 Sep

Over the past few weeks my creativity has drifted away but it came back with a nice result.

This is my first christmas card of the year.

Salt Dough Update

I completly forgot about these and found them the other day in a small box waiting to be painted.

So far i have only done 3 but i’m happy with the outcome =)

I can’t wait to make some more with my christmas cookie cutters =)

Craft Room Update

8 Sep

In my craft room there has been a few new changes and all on low-budget =)

New shelves for my jars and boxes with bits and bobs in and also a ribbon rail that I just need to cut down a bit more.

New curtains from Charity shop for £2.99