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when can you call yourself an artist?

24 Nov


What is Art?

20 Nov

Is this Art?  Mixed media-Cardboard and acrylic paint

Other sites i am thinking about

18 Nov

these are just a few more sites that have caught my attention.

Lampposts around Walsall Town Centre

TJ Hughes Wall Walsall town Centre

Wharf Bar Walsall (next to art gallery)




Site 3-inside and outside The New Art Gallery Walsall

18 Nov

This is the nearest art gallery to me and thought that it would be the perfect site to work with as im an art student.I am hoping that by doing this i might start getting links with the actual gallery and would be useful in the future.

Entering the Art Gallery

Inside the enterance

Site 2-Outside Walsall College

18 Nov

I thought about creating work for outside my college to make it look more attractive as to me it’s just a big white building.


Site 1-Nature Trail

18 Nov

Near my house there is a nature trail where you can find a few ponds,beautiful landscapes and a wooded area you walk through.

pictures will be on at a later date