~x~About me~x~

Hello all!


I have studied ND in Art and Design and HNC in Fine Art.I will be working towards getting my HND in Fine Art.

January 2010 I had a show with students and staff from Walsall college at the Custard Factory in Birmingham which I was proud of.

In the mean time I do a bit of volunteer work at a charity shop not to far from where I live which I am enjoying.It’s been something I have thought about doing for a while and now that I’m on a break from  college this would be the perfect opportunity to start. 

Loving being creative and experimenting with lots of materials and I tend to get messy during these processes.

 I do get the off day where I get artists bloke but it happens to us all in some way.

 I enjoy drawing,photography,baking,painting,collecting things,visiting art galleries,cross stitching,card making,jewellery making,bargains,hello kitty.

My aim is to make more textile based work as I haven’t had much experimental work in that area.I am also hoping to try out  knitting,candle making,scrapbooking,silk painting and just about anything else creative.

I would love to have my very own studio and hopefully one day I will where I can do all my work.It would be a place where I can relax and just create and craft away for hours and hours.That would be perfect for me.

I like to collect things such as anything hello kitty,cupcakes,charity pin badges,postcards,little random things,me to you bears.At the moment I am collecting newspaper articles on anything arty,got them all in a book and just about to start a 2nd one.They come in useful when I have to research for a project.I used to collect the ty beanie babies which I have thought about doing again but I have enough clutter as it is =)


One Response to “~x~About me~x~”

  1. Kieran Cox January 21, 2011 at 9:23 am #

    You have enough clutter lol but you are amazing at creating things and im so proud of you 🙂 xxxx

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