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ICHF Show 25th-28th March 2010 NEC Birmingham

27 Mar

Sewing for pleasure   Hobbycrafts   Fashion embroidery & Stitch

I went to all 3 shows for just £8.50 good value for money me thinks

Today was such a brill day,I was so happy with the things I bought and anything you can think of to do with crafts you are most likely to find here at the show From rubber stamping to jewellery making to dress making.I had previously gone to the same event that was in  November 2009 (Crafts for Christmas,Hobbycrafts and Art materials Live)

I think it is good value for money not only the entry fee but also the stalls have special offers.i got 3 magazines for £5.They may have been back issues but at the end of the day they have really good stuff in them so I don’t care if it a latest issue or not.Plus when they are like £3.99 each maybe more you know you are getting your moneys worth when you pay £5 for 3.There was also another stall with other magazines that are RRP £5.99 and they were selling for a £1 each!I got 5 and I have a stack of free card thrown with that so I was quite pleased with that.

One area of the show was textile art show.There was some very beautiful inspiring work on display from knitted objects to dresses.there was also a collection of dresses that costumes from the 2008 british film “The Duchess” 

To say I only had like £65(months of saving) I got quite alot.These are a few pictures i took there and hope you like them

I’d say money well spent =)

I really whated to bring this home 


Pretty dress

Wall of work


Late birthday Present

20 Mar

my birthday may have been a month ago but i’m happy now i got this today

only £20 for the set

pattern pattern pattern

16 Mar

This is a pattern that i have been working on for well over 3 hours now.Think iv’e been working on a a1 sheet of paper.During that time it has really messed up my eyes but never the less i love it.I did want to give up about 2-3 times while i as still drawing it becasue of how much tim it took.i’m not sure if i should add more to it or just leave it how it is.

close up of each flower

Spring is here =)

15 Mar





look what came in the mail today =)

15 Mar

woke up in a bad mood and a headache but now everything is all better since this came this morning =)


and becuase i subscribed because i wanted the free gifts i got these too which is a cheeky bonus

magnetic notepad


and two pretty placemats =)

My First Ever Completed Cross Stitch

14 Mar

The other day i was looking through my box of paper,card,pretty card,pretty paper,glitter paper,patterned paper,tissue paper ( well box of various papers =) ) and i came across this.

This was my first ever cross stitching i had completed.I was so proud that i had to name him.I was feeling norman,looks like a norman to me

Money Well Spent

4 Mar

I only planned on going in one shop today but ended up 4 in the end but that’s the way I role.I felt a serious urge to buy crafty things that I can create with at a later date.

I wanted to go to the Hole in the Wall which is a haberdashery near my college.I always find really interesting things there and there’s always bits of scrap fabric for sale very cheep.Now that I have vowed to experiment more with textiles I bought 2 pieces of fabric that I want to embellish with pretty coloured beads,sequins,threads,glitter and anything else I can find(at least it’s a start) 🙂 I also got some embroidery floss,pretty coloured buttons,colourful pins,mini suction hooks and also packet of 2 cute pandas(I will find a use for them they were just too cute!

Then I went to Helen’s haberdasher  where they have a larger selection of buttons.Of course I got more pretty buttons and flower embellishments.It may have a wider choice for buttons and wool but fabric wise I have to go to the other one.Either way anything that I am after I’m sure I can find it in one of the shops.I can also find some card making stuff and clothing patterns at

Then walked back into the town centre and went to the works.It has been a while since I last went in and I found 3 great books-create a card,beaded home and simple enchanted beading which all came to about £7.00(original price for all 3 books £38.00)I love getting books from the works dirt cheep and they are good quality books too.

I was feeling another trip to Gatsby to see if they still have many reduced crafting supplies there and there was.This time I got another rubber stamp,pack of pretty card making paper and a pack of embellishments.

I think I got quit a good bargain considering all this came to under £20.00.I always try to make the most out of my money so I try to get as many bargains as possiable.Spending on a budget 🙂

When ever I go shopping I only ever plan which shop I’m going in not what I get.I never know what I find and buy,you could call me a spontaneous shopper 🙂 Isome times have a little mental list in my head for things to keep an eye out for but apart from that I never know what I’ll get.Like today I never planned on getting any of these things all I knew was what  shops I was going to.My theory is don’t have a plan on what  you want to get because that way you can be let down if you can’t find what you are after.

What i got 🙂