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More Pretty Flowers

24 Mar


More Photos Of The Day =)

11 Mar

More Flowers

25 Feb

Kieran is so so sweet to me and I loved these.


22 Feb

While up wales I went into one of the shops and saw this.Soon as I saw it was like OH MY GOD These are so cute!!There were more with little cupcakes,sweeties and the one I got.Just wish I could have got them all.

The other little jar I found at a charity shop stuff into an old basket with other general junk.I thought this was a little hidden gem.

Today Continued

22 Feb

These are a few more photos I snapped even thought the weather was not the best.

When I see these starting to grow I know spring is on its way.

I also went and done my voluntary work this morning.while I was upstairs preparing the clothes to be sold I found quite a few bargains and was very happy.

These were £4.00 Each!!!!

This was too cute to not get

I also got a grey leopard print cardigan and also an expansion pack for the sims 2 game.All in all very good buys today =)

19th-20th Wales

20 Feb

I went to wales to see family

Flowers From Kieran

16 Feb

When he came to see me today he also came along with these =)