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Later The Same Day

31 Jan

Like every other monday morning I went and volunteered at the charity shop for a few hours.Only today I have started till training =) where I get to serve customers.I’m very excited about this.As usual I bought goodies from there.

These both were under £3.00 each,id say that’s a bargain.

I also got 3 more pin badges.

Plus 2 more of these

So all in all a good day getting the bargains


What I’m reading

8 Jan

I got this from the charity shop where I volunteer for £1.50.Ive been reading it since Wednesday and I can’t put it down.I’m not one for reading but it was also a new years resolution for me to start reading more.In my opinion so far so good =)

New Years Resolutions

1 Jan

In 2011 I am Going to……

Blog more-feel like I have abandoned it over the past few weeks and I want to change that starting from today!I will post more about what has been going on at least 3 times a week minimum.Also update my flickr at the same time so thats not left behind either.

Start Project 365-I wanted to start this sometime on october last year but thought to myself wait till a new year,new start,new project =).Project 365 is where you take a photograph each day of the year even if it’s something random that you saw or something meaningful to that day.I have seen other people do this and it looks so much fun and very rewarding.So now it’s time for me to start……..Wish me luck =)

Continue with my voluntary work at the british heart foundation

Be more creative and try new things!

2011 here i come!!!!

I’m In The Paper!

26 Nov

Last night i was in the Chase Post Paper (a local paper for me) for Cannock B.H.F 20th Birthday


Voluntary Work

23 Aug

Once again I went to help out at the charity shop.I helped with setting up the jewellery displays and finding items to go on and then displaying them on the shop floor.apart from that most of the time I was there I was tagging clothing but due to shortage of hangers for the clothes there was only so much a few of us could do.I had a hunt around the shop and found a few spare hangers and while I was down there I had a rummage through to see if there was anything that caught my eye.There was a couple of things but I bought these two first.

After I finished at the shop I went round town just window shopping but in the one shop it had to be a purchase.I have had my eye on this for a while now and it’s gone in the sale.I wanted to get it cheaper but there was only 3 left so I didn’t risk it.

Over size cup and saucer planter,I can fit my head in it =)

These were only 50p and I thought they were so cute

These were stuffed in the corner of the shop and it was just by chance I saw them and was like OH MY GOD!good thing nobody was near by to see me .

And last but not least another garden critter =).

Overall today was good for finding funky stuff

Late post

9 Aug

I was meant to do this post yesterday but unfortunately my computer was playing up so this is two post in one.First things first on sunday I found out this tea towel.

last night I started to embellish the towl.It will take quite some time to do but I will really want to finish.I’m thinking so far so good.

Close up

Second of all today I went to the charity shop and done the usual.Bit of tagging but due to large amount of clothes in back up I couldn’t do much.I always sorted out the van bags that are used for collections and stapled a leaflet to them.

I did manage to nab these while I was there for only £3.00 and with my discount a total of £2.25! 


I’m not to sure what I will be using these for but if there is ever a button shortage than least I will be okay.

Voluntary Work

26 Jul

Due to puppy sitting last week and a whole load of things came up I wasn’t able to go to the charity shop.I done a bit of stock rotation and more tagging.While working there I always keep my eyes peeled for anything that may interest me.Plus at the end of the day it all for a good cause.I did manage to grab these few things for under £5! at British heart Foundation



And from another charity shop near by I saw this and was like MINE.I love it so much and was only £2