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Obsessed……..I Think So

31 Jul


Voluntary Work

26 Jul

Due to puppy sitting last week and a whole load of things came up I wasn’t able to go to the charity shop.I done a bit of stock rotation and more tagging.While working there I always keep my eyes peeled for anything that may interest me.Plus at the end of the day it all for a good cause.I did manage to grab these few things for under £5! at British heart Foundation



And from another charity shop near by I saw this and was like MINE.I love it so much and was only £2

Today’s Mission

21 Jul

I saw these last week and was like oh my god.Unfortuntly I didn’t have change on me so I made sure I did today =)

And the moneys given all went to a good cause

More Came Yesterday

20 Jul

After puppy sitting this was a nice thing to come back home to find =)

Issue 9 Plus Cup

Issue 10 Plus Plate

Issue 11 PLus Coffee Cup

Last free Gift

I Can’t wait for more issues to come =)

What I Made last Night

16 Jul

For a small gathering of people tonight I decided to some cupcakes.

Plain vanilla with chocolate chips in + chocolate topping

The next lot of cupcakes I made I got the idea from

She make cakes and  they looked really good so I had a go at trying it.Wish they were bit brighter but they tasted nice nice =)

mixing the food colouring

 The outcome

Thank Yous

7 Jul

While out shopping motherdear came across this at a charity shop and got it me.I’ve been after one of these for a while now but only found them on the internet for like £7+ and then P&P on top of that.

It was only 50p brand new!

I can’t wait to use it.I do also have a donut maker but so far been unsuccessful with it.Think i may need to use a different recipe.


6 Jul

Today I decided to make shortbread =)

I couldn’t make many thought due to low flour supplies but i made the most of what i had all ready got.

Yummy Yummy Yummy Yum Yum =)