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Art Gallery Birthday Cards

21 Dec

artists Yoke and Zoom came I to talk to us on Thursday 17th dec 2009.They asked me get involved with a project that the  art Gallery Walsall have got coming up in the near future.For me it’s a chance to make work for the gallery even if it doesn’t end up in the show.The project is make birthday cards because it is their 10th year in feb.more info on the Gallery’s site

My Birthday cards



Sandwhich Boards So Far

21 Dec

pictures soon

Which was the last Art Gallery you visited?

15 Dec

what impact do you get when you say or hear the word art gallery?

13 Dec

would just like to hear you views for this

would like to know what others have to say so i can respond to it with my work out in the public at a later date

Wolverhampton Art Gallery

10 Dec

me and two other students had a little trip to wolverhampton art gallery to see what was on and was also a good chance to start taking my signs to public places.I did’t really take many photos of my signs where i wanted to due to weather conditions and the ares i thought ould be good were too crwowded.I did take photos in the gallery itself of other artists work and also my sign next to theirs.

An artist that i found really intresting there was Jann Haworth,a artist who is part of the pop art movement..I love pop art and her work just amazed me.Good use of textiles and you can tell that it came naturaly to her 🙂 Her work can be found in the pop area of the gallery.Sadly you can’t take any photograph there but i may go back and ask permission and use it in my work.


more information about the gallery or artist visit