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Mail Time

2 Feb

I can’t believe how long its been since I last posted about my hello kitty party dinner set.I do apologise  for forgetting and will keep track in the future.This will be a long post but never the less needs to be done.

Issue 18 + Mug

Issue 19 + Side Plate

Issue 20 + Coffee Cup

Issue 21 + Dinner Plate

Issue 22 + Napkin Rings

Issue 23 + Small Bowl

Issue 24 + Side Plate

Issue 25 + Cereal Bowl

Issue 26 + Mug


Today’s Mail

24 Sep

I can’t believe its been 6 weeks since my last package came.I think it’s gone so fast.Anyways this is what i got this time.

Issue 15 + Small Bowl

Issue 16 + Sugar Bowl

Issue 17 + bowl

Today’s Mail

26 Aug

Once again a box Full of hello kitty dinnerware arrived this morning =)

Issue 12 + Side Plate

Issue 13 + 2 Sauce Bowls

Issue 14 + Pasta Bowl

Obsessed……..I Think So

31 Jul

More Came Yesterday

20 Jul

After puppy sitting this was a nice thing to come back home to find =)

Issue 9 Plus Cup

Issue 10 Plus Plate

Issue 11 PLus Coffee Cup

Last free Gift

I Can’t wait for more issues to come =)

Kitty Displays =)

26 Jun

Pure Kindness

17 Jun

While Kieran was shopping he bought me these =) which made my day even better.I love the cup so much!!!!