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Happy Baking

12 Mar

Today one was in a very baking mood =)

I’ve actually had this set since christmas and the date is up soon so thought to myself better get a move on and make these so they don’t go to waste.I also have another mix that i will make at a later date.

Tiny little paper cases

And the finished result



14 Feb

Valentine’s Day

These are the lovely gifts that Kieran got me.It’s our 4th Valentines day together.He also wanted to cook me a meal so he made us a home-made pizza.

And it was Yummmmmmy =)

And also the chocolate well…………..THEY WORKED!

For valentine’s

13 Feb

I was really feeling making some shortbread biscuits for valentine’s day so I made them the night before while I really wanted to.

Of course they had to be decorated.I will admit I’m not the best to when it comes to using writing icing but I tried me best.

I also had these chocolate moulds and I really wanted to try them out so we made little chocolate’s.They look cuter than a black of chocolate.

We Made

30 Jan

A belated gingerbread House

I’ve had this kit since before christmas and me and Kieran planned on building it.As you can see we weren’t the best but it was really fun.

To say it was our first attempt at doing this I was I’m happy with the outcome.Even if it did take longer than what it said and we did put the roof on the wrong was which meant there was a massive gap at the top and we didn’t know why.

What I Made last Night

16 Jul

For a small gathering of people tonight I decided to some cupcakes.

Plain vanilla with chocolate chips in + chocolate topping

The next lot of cupcakes I made I got the idea from

She make cakes and  they looked really good so I had a go at trying it.Wish they were bit brighter but they tasted nice nice =)

mixing the food colouring

 The outcome


1 Jun

 I was looking through all the photos on my camera and I found these photos.I forgot to post them the other day.

Planted some seeds the other week and now have started to grow =)

So happy that they have started to sprout  but the big square one hasn’t yet.I’m hoping it will do soon.I also bought this little plant pot for just £1.I think it’s so cute.

I also bought these for £1 too.You get two sets of so I can make 12.When I was a kid I always wanted to make my own ice lollies but when it came to getting them out the part that you hold would come out and my lolly would be stuck in the mold.

Outcome-they got stuck as usual,I have no idea where I’m going wrong.This is just something that never seems to work out for me but I will keep trying until the day i can make my own ice lollies and not have the handle come off leaving the actual lolly in the mold.

Happy Pancake Day!

16 Feb

Hope you all enjoyed  your pancakes.

This is one i made that put a smile on my face

smiles all round