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Found In The Garden last Night

28 Jun

While enjoying a nice sit in the garden last nite I noticed something on the grass.Thought it just was some kind of flower bud that the wind blew but then I saw little legs on it so that was out of the question.I have now found out that it is an elephant hawk moth.I didn’t have a clue what it was but all I know it looked evil!Due to it’s weirdness I had to take photos =)

Put into a glass jar for a couple of minutes for a closer inspection

Then put back where i found it



Voluntary Work

28 Jun

Today at the charity shop I have now done stock rotation.Baseicly means anything that had been on the rails more than two weeks and hasn’t sold it then took off bagged up and sent to another store to see if it sells there.After that I then had to put some on the new stock onto the rails.This was my first time working on the shop floor.Very tiring walking up and down the stairs all morning in the heat.While I was on the shop floor I saw a couple of tops I wanted so I kept them to one side.When it cam to pay for then I didn’t know that you can get staff discount.Made my day and was even better when i was told it’s 25%.thats more than student discount.

It’s Been a While

26 Jun

I’m sorry for the lack of posts but I don’t have the best internet connection so it’s a bit of hit and miss.

Anyways Last week I got this for just £1! at a second-hand book stall.It’s got some beautiful ideas in it and I can’t wait to try out myself.

and I also got these erasers which I thought were super cute!



Kitty Displays =)

26 Jun

Voluntary Work

17 Jun

Went into the charity shop again.I done tagging again when I got there and then me and a another woman were doing fundraising for the rest of the morning.We went to Home Extra (Cannock) to stand there collect donations into the bucket and give out buttons/badges.We got there about half ten and was doing that until one.Got a lot of donations which was good.Just wondering what I will be doing next when I go in.This is the button/badge we were giving out.

When I got back to the shop I bagged this money-box which I thought was really pretty and for only £1.90!I love it so much and will go nicely with all my other money boxes I have =)

Pure Kindness

17 Jun

While Kieran was shopping he bought me these =) which made my day even better.I love the cup so much!!!!

Pretty Pictures

16 Jun

I have found the perfect pictures to go in the frames I painted for my craft studio.Im looking at more of a cupcake/food pictures and I found out some old blank greeting cards that had sweet foods on them.I completely forgot about them.I have also got a napkin and wrapping paper in another frame.The wall is now looking better but I still think maybe more pictures.

I also hung up my canvas I painted from my previous project.Still looking for cheap curtains not happy that they are very old ones,were the only ones could find in the house =( but they will do for the time being.