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Craft Room Update

8 Sep

In my craft room there has been a few new changes and all on low-budget =)

New shelves for my jars and boxes with bits and bobs in and also a ribbon rail that I just need to cut down a bit more.

New curtains from Charity shop for £2.99


Pretty Pictures

16 Jun

I have found the perfect pictures to go in the frames I painted for my craft studio.Im looking at more of a cupcake/food pictures and I found out some old blank greeting cards that had sweet foods on them.I completely forgot about them.I have also got a napkin and wrapping paper in another frame.The wall is now looking better but I still think maybe more pictures.

I also hung up my canvas I painted from my previous project.Still looking for cheap curtains not happy that they are very old ones,were the only ones could find in the house =( but they will do for the time being.


Craft Studio Update

15 Jun

Oh my days feels like ages since I posted something on here even though it was only a few days ago.I apologise that I keep getting sidetracked but I’ve been busy with college work,adding finishing touches to my essay,gallery invigilation for the HND’s.I would much rather do a few posts than one big one.

Anyways lets talk about improvements to the craft studio.Not much has happened but last week i got my bar got put up on the wall to hold my pens,pencils,paintbrushes,scissors,knives etc.So happy now that my workspace is a little less cluttered.My next step is to get some shelves up to clear even more space.

Cost me a total of  £2.96

Colourful little bowls 89p for 6

Looking around the room the walls are really bare so I decided to paint some picture frames to brighten up the place.The frames cost me 94p for 6 and I already had 2 left over from a project I done at college.I also need to hand the hello kitty picture I got too.They are not up yet I’m looking for some really nice picture to put in them.The paint I used is actually wallpaper paint but they come in such gorgeous colours and they were only a £1 each so I was happy.

And on saturday 12th was my last invigilation session but before I started I went to WH Smith first to get a magazine and while I was there i got myself a hello kitty pen.Was half price and I had the last one so when I went to the checkout I asked if they would mind me keeping the pot they were displayed in and they said no problem =)

I have my own Studio

27 May

I’m very excited that it’s all the painting is now finished.Not the biggest of spaces but its way better than having the desk in the corner of my room at the bottom of my bed.It is looking very bare at the moment but it is not something that will happen over night,it will take time to get it very me.Here are a few pictures of it so far.

My work area

Craft stash (still more to add from other room)

Magazines all nice and neat

Glitter box!!!!

I will keep you up dated with any more improvements to the room =)