Craft Studio Update

15 Jun

Oh my days feels like ages since I posted something on here even though it was only a few days ago.I apologise that I keep getting sidetracked but I’ve been busy with college work,adding finishing touches to my essay,gallery invigilation for the HND’s.I would much rather do a few posts than one big one.

Anyways lets talk about improvements to the craft studio.Not much has happened but last week i got my bar got put up on the wall to hold my pens,pencils,paintbrushes,scissors,knives etc.So happy now that my workspace is a little less cluttered.My next step is to get some shelves up to clear even more space.

Cost me a total of  £2.96

Colourful little bowls 89p for 6

Looking around the room the walls are really bare so I decided to paint some picture frames to brighten up the place.The frames cost me 94p for 6 and I already had 2 left over from a project I done at college.I also need to hand the hello kitty picture I got too.They are not up yet I’m looking for some really nice picture to put in them.The paint I used is actually wallpaper paint but they come in such gorgeous colours and they were only a £1 each so I was happy.

And on saturday 12th was my last invigilation session but before I started I went to WH Smith first to get a magazine and while I was there i got myself a hello kitty pen.Was half price and I had the last one so when I went to the checkout I asked if they would mind me keeping the pot they were displayed in and they said no problem =)


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