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Yesterday’s Shopping Outing

26 Aug

Me and motherdear went to Wolverhampton shopping.It’s a bit of a change and she hasn’t been there in years.As usual I got a couple of bargains.

Cute Shopping Bag

Another garden windmill

Nice little mug and coaster set

And more charity pin badges to the collection.


Today’s Mail

26 Aug

Once again a box Full of hello kitty dinnerware arrived this morning =)

Issue 12 + Side Plate

Issue 13 + 2 Sauce Bowls

Issue 14 + Pasta Bowl

IKEA Shopping Goodies From Weekend

25 Aug

I forget to post this the other day,my mind is getting so forgetful these days.Anyways it had been a while since I last went so was quiet excited to see new stuff in the store.I wish I had lots more moneys due to the amount of stuff I wanted but never the less I made good use with what I had.

I absolutely love the art cards.I was going to buy a different when I say these one’s on displays and was like I have just got to have them.Took me about 10 minutes to find them but I refused to leave without getting them.

The bird is my favourite.Looking at these makes me want to start a patchwork project.I got these because I’m thinking for when I have milkshakes.I have one retro milkshake glass but I wanted two glasses that matched and thought these were perfect for it.



Voluntary Work

23 Aug

Once again I went to help out at the charity shop.I helped with setting up the jewellery displays and finding items to go on and then displaying them on the shop floor.apart from that most of the time I was there I was tagging clothing but due to shortage of hangers for the clothes there was only so much a few of us could do.I had a hunt around the shop and found a few spare hangers and while I was down there I had a rummage through to see if there was anything that caught my eye.There was a couple of things but I bought these two first.

After I finished at the shop I went round town just window shopping but in the one shop it had to be a purchase.I have had my eye on this for a while now and it’s gone in the sale.I wanted to get it cheaper but there was only 3 left so I didn’t risk it.

Over size cup and saucer planter,I can fit my head in it =)

These were only 50p and I thought they were so cute

These were stuffed in the corner of the shop and it was just by chance I saw them and was like OH MY GOD!good thing nobody was near by to see me .

And last but not least another garden critter =).

Overall today was good for finding funky stuff

Just A Quick Look

19 Aug

Just by chance in a charity shop about 10mins away from home I found these for a bargain.



And just round the corner is a local hardware shop that have random bits and bobs in a back room that I think have been donated but this little cute tray was only £1.89


First Attempt………..Successful!!!!

19 Aug

Remember back a while ago i bought this from a charity shop for just under £2.00.

Well last night i actually thought to myself i’ll have a go at making some.I really enjoyed it although it was a messy process but i didn’t mind.To make it all you need is flour,salt and water,it that simple.At first the dough was really sticky sio i had to keep adding a little more flour until it was are some photo’s i took.

After kneading for 10minutes

Just before going into the Oven at 120C for about 3 hours.A couple of thicker i made needed longer.

After 3 hours

And now ready to be painted!


Weekend Plans

16 Aug

At the weekend me and Kieran went camping with a few people.We left on the Friday but unfortunately due to bad weather and someone being ill we had to come back on the saturday.Was a bit of a downer but lets hope we can go again when the weather is a lot nicer.Due to the amount of rain I couldn’t really use our little camping stove because we needed the door open but then it would have rained in.Anyways even thought it was only a night we stayed we had a good time and of course i took photographs.