I Propose

5 May

Once again this time of year has swung around to quick and now it’s time for the summer show. This is my thrid summer show I’ve had at college and far way more challenging than the others.   First year was a selection of first year work (mainly print making and fine art) and all arranged on the board.Due to this being my first year the show was more for second years so I was only allocated one but never the less I was happy to be showing work my work in a show for the first time ever.    Second year I made a installation of an obsession with colour paint charts you get from Decoration stores such as B&Q and Homebase.I had a total of four boards to fill with paint charts,a canvas,shapes and patterns.It took a lot of will power and determination to complete it and I was pleased with the end result.   This year I was thinking what can I do to be better than my previous work.There was a pattern that I had been working with and I went back to explore more.I thought about painting this pattern all over boards or a instilation.But me being me I had chosen something far more broarder.I Will now being painting my pattern outside on a room terrace wall that is situated on the 3rd floor of the college.    I wont be doing this alone due to time so I will be recruiting student from the Painting and Decorating departments for assistance.I am in need of 10 people to be split into teams of 3.2 teams of 3 and 1 team of 4.The 2 teams of 3’s will be painting and the team of 4 will be mapping out the pattern along with me.I will be charge of this project,I’m a little nervous to present my idea to the other department due to the fact I have never done anything like this before but if all goes well at the end it will be worth it.    

My Proposal that had to be sent out to get the go ahead with this project. 

  “I am interested in repeated linear pattern, striations and contours. My proposal is to create a pattern that is similar to cartographic contour lines and apply it to the Terrace wall (access via the 3rd floor, A-Block).
I have been examining a number of ways to achieve this but I feel the best option will be to paint it directly onto the wall using weatherproof black masonry paint (I will also need help with sourcing and costing the paint), I feel that I may need assistance with this and I will be investigating how to best get this in place in negotiation with my tutors. The wall is already white and I feel that using black will stand out much better.
I am prepared to re-paint the terrace white again after the exhibition. I am hoping that I can obtain assistance from other courses such as Painting and Decorating at Green Lane to help with materials and the painting.
I would like to commence my project as soon as possible so I have plenty of lead time in order to meet the exhibition deadline (Tuesday 18th May – Private View)”  



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