Today Is A Good Day

26 Jan

When I woke this morning I felt like I was in a non optimistic mood due to being tired and how the weather was (very cloudy,dark and miseriable.while wainting for the bus to go and volunteer for an hour there was a bit of blue sky trying to break through and that put me back in my positive mood.

While I was volunteering there was two large bags full of old craft magazine that were a couple of years old that had been donated.Unfortuntly the shop doesn’t sell magazine very well so they were going to be thrown out.But the manager said keep them for other volunteers that are interested in crafts and just donate a £1 for however many you pick.I was so happy with these because I love some of the project inside.Looking through them I ended up picking 11.I think there was roughly about 50+ magazines.

After I had volunteered I went to see if a shop had any more of the blue nose friends products the sale (half price)  I was in luck =)

And if that wasn’t goodness in one day when I saw Kieran later on he had bought me these =)



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