Prot 365 – 2 Month Review

1 Mar

So once again I’m at a another review stage of my project.Here are a couple of questions and answers for you to understand my progress.

How have I felt about this project over the past month?

Well personally I have felt very positive towards this project.With January being a very good start to this project it is inspiring me to continue.

Have I had any problems?


There is the odd day where I have struggled to take a photo of something but I’m not going to let that stop me.No WAY!I’m determind to see this project from start to finish.

Also the whole needing battery backs has been my main problem.I did panic the one day when my camera said they needed to be replaced and I had no spare.All that was going through my mind was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!Another insident was I was trying to take a photo of the sun rising and my batteries ran out and I couldn’t find me spare ones.Really doesn’t help that something like that can only last a few minutes.

What is my favourite photo of the month and why?

I’d have to say my favourite photo is 365-55 (24-02-2011)I chose this one because I just love the way the sunshine made the little flowers bloom so beautifuly.I also love the shades of yellow and how I focused on one side.Generally i love this photo nuff said =)

Will I continue with this project?



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