Project 365-1 Month Review

1 Feb

Now that I have undergone this project for a month I feel I need to do a short review on how I’m doing.

What made me start this project and why?

I saw other people on various different sites saying they were currently doing a 365 project and you could see ways that they were exploring it.Looking through the photos was very interesting and I thought to myself I should have a go at this,looks so much fun.I orgionaly wanted to start this half way through last year but I decided to have it for one of my new years resolutions for 2011.  (my personal choice)

How have I felt about it so far.

I’m ver pleased with the outcomes,didn’t think they would be as good as they are.I’ve got one or two photos that are unusual but that’s the fun of it.You don’t have to be specific about your photos,they could be something you saw,done or just random.The main thing is that I’m really enjoying it and I’m in control of this.

Have I had any problems.

I haven’t really apart from a few days where I have got no motivation/inspiration and  leads to me being stumped of what to take a photo of.There are also days where I tend not to like the photo as much as others.Another problem I fear of is having no batteries for my camera.I like to make sure I have spares so that if they do die I got back ups.

Favourite photo so far and why?

I would have to say this one because to me I just find it really cute and think they go well together.I like taking photos of my cactus as I always find them very interesting to me.

Will I continue with this project?


Next review 1st March 2011


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