Voluntary Work

15 Jun

Yesterday was my first day doing voluntary work at a charity shop.I went to British heart Foundation shop(Cannock branch) and asked about helping out.I only done half a day there to see what it was like,meet the nice people and see if it suited me.I really enjoyed it.My job was to label all the clothes with tags by size and a code.To get the label onto the item of clothing I had to use a gun which was most fun and I didn’t hurt myself once which I am very proud of.I never knew there was so much behind giving clothes to them to end up on a rail in the shop.

Sort through to see if any good

put into separate piles depending on where they come from(street collection,donated to the shop,other BHF shops stock and there was another but can’t remember it)

Each pile is colour coded to where they come from

use the same colour tags to the colour pile

write size and code of what item (like size 10-ladies fashion top)

attach tag onto item  label using the gun.depending on what sort the item the location of th tag changes (like ladies fashion tops-label in collar to ladies skirts-left side of garment,not 100% sure if these are right but you get the idea)

Then hung up on hanger.Use different hangers for different item of clothes

attach size bobble square thing onto hanger

hung up on rail ready to be steam ironed

once steam iron is then priced up

and then ready to be sold

I really had no idea of all these processes you had to follow.Next time I go I’ll try to get some photographs =).I’m hoping over the summer to do at least two days a week there.

While I was there I did manage to bag these two items which made my day

And also from another charity shop near by i got this dvd for just £1.49


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