Friday Feeling

11 Jun

Over the past few days I haven’t really felt myself but today has been a good day.I had to go into college to hand in some work but while on my way to catch the bus a little white feather fell into my hand.I thought it was a little weird considering I was talking to my motherdear about my grandmother (or granny P as I liked to call her =) ) earlier on in the morning.To me it felt like a sign that she is watching over us.

After finishing up at college me and Kieran went and took photographs for his project and me well I couldn’t miss the opportunity to take photograhs.We went up to the nature trail that is just a 10 minute walk away from my hourse.Anyways here are a few of them.

Little ones =)

The mom duck was most displeased with our presence nearby and made evil sounds to what I think was to scare us off.

 Towards the trees

 I want this horse =) well without the flys on

it smiled at the camera bless


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