Half Price Sale

1 Jun

Today me and my little cousin went and had our little trip to Hobbycraft.I always take her there becasue she lives in Wales and they don’t have one near them where as for me it’s like a 30 minute bus ride.I had more of a reason to go due to the fact they have got a HALF PRICE SALE on at the moment and I couldn’t miss the opportunity.


More craft books,one was 29p!I couldn’t believe it.I have been after a book on how to make scoobies(scoubidou) for a while now.When they were the “in thing” I had loads and I was forever making them.Now I want to experiment with the techniques and see what i can do.

All the little things I got.stickers,threads,iron on patch,card embellishments,self adhesive paper,craft punch and cupcake cases.All together all this stuff came to just over £12.Which isn’t bad considering the books were £4.99  but I got them for like just over £1 each.

I can say that today was a success.Got a good amount of crafting goodies without breaking the bank =),free project leaflets as usual and tomorrow me and Kieran are going to Bilston Craft Gallery.I’ve heard it’s not very good but I’ll be the judge of that as I have never been before but i’m looking forward to it.




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