Another Good Buy

4 May

Me and my partner went to go and see iron man 2 today (even though he had seen the first showing  of it he wanted to take me to see it) which I thought was really sweet but deep down he is a big geek but I love him never the less.Just before going to the cinemas we went around the shops for a bit.In the one shop there was a whole section of HELLO KITTY stuff and I was almost in tears.You know you see true happiness when you cry and get emotional over things.There was a sewing machine,scooter,art set with an easel,an art set in a box,fleece blanket and many other things.I knew I was going to buy something but it took me a while as I didn’t know what to get (if I could have I would have got everything haha) but I got a little tea set.

My partner has issues with me getting this because he said about me  getting the proper dinner set and what was the point of getting the little tea set with ages 3+ on it.

My answer”it’s hello kitty,cute and is a different design to my other set and I just have to get it!



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