Todays Findings

28 Apr

While at the studio I decided to have a look round town to see if there was anything that caught my eye.It was also rag market day so I thought there might be.In the end I was disappointed that there wasn’t really much there as other times and only one fabric stall but I didn’t like the fabric so I went to the proper fabric shop further up the market.I got 1 metre of each and they were £1.60 and because I’m a student I get 10% off so it came in at just £2.88 (not sure why and extra 2p was off with me 10%)

But one stall I did find just bits and bobs of crafting materials, books and old magazines.I got these two things and they came to £4.00 (lace £1,book £3) which I suppose isn’t to bad.The paper cover to the book was no good so just got rid of that and book looked as good as new.There were a lot of old style cross stitch and children’s crafts books on there but they didn’t appeal to me.The guy who was selling all this mush of just got odds and sods of everything because nothing really matched.

Although rag market day near enough all the stalls are like that.A few sell old vintage postcards that once belong to people and when you read then it makes you wonder “who are they?,what was in their mind?,what was life-like?”

I also looked on to see if I could find it and the book got a good review so got to say it’s a thumbs up =)

The Book

Pretty Lace



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