Visit To Wolverhampton Art Gallery And Town

9 Apr

Me and my partner went to visit the art gallery today  because there is an exhibition there but ends tomorrow.I had already seen it before but thought it would be nice to see it again.

Exhibition-Pop Jann Haworth At Wolverhampton art Gallery

“Hollywood-born artists Jann Haworth(b.1949) is among the few women associated with the Pop Art movement of the 1960’s.Her sewn cloth soft sculptures refer to typically American Pop themes such as fast food, film stars, cheerleaders, cowboys and comics, as well as to her experiences of living in England during a period of cultural transformation.Developed in partnership with the artists, this exhibition is the first UK solo show of Hawworth’s work in a public gallery since 1972”

Her exhibition really has inspired me to maybe consider useing textiles in my future work(course on a smaller scale,i still need to learn how to sew first)I was a bit sad the fact that unfortuntly you can’t take any photographs of any of here work and now even with permission.If i could i would have some lovly photos of her work.I did look in the gift show to see if there are any books about her exhibition and there is one but it £7.00 and i need to wait for my student loan to come throught then go back and see if they still have any copys left.But on the brighter side there was some postcards of her work that was more in my proce range so but i only got the one that appealed to me the most out of them(Donuts, Coffee Cups and Comics 1962 by Jann Haworth).I might get the rest at a later date.I did also buy 2 more postcards while i was there one was Jenny Law (Anemones) and a Roy Lichenstein one (Purist painting With Bottles 1975)

Also in town i bought me a new dress, bag and umbrella all for £11 and when to a shop that my partner loves becasue it’s filled with anything to do with memrebelia and from there i got myself 2 Johnny depp posters fromt the film Sweeney Todd-The Demon Barber On Fleet Street.

Guide front Cover


More postcards to the collection =)

 And these……..well i just had to buy them


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