ICHF Show 25th-28th March 2010 NEC Birmingham

27 Mar

Sewing for pleasure   Hobbycrafts   Fashion embroidery & Stitch

I went to all 3 shows for just £8.50 good value for money me thinks

Today was such a brill day,I was so happy with the things I bought and anything you can think of to do with crafts you are most likely to find here at the show From rubber stamping to jewellery making to dress making.I had previously gone to the same event that was in  November 2009 (Crafts for Christmas,Hobbycrafts and Art materials Live)

I think it is good value for money not only the entry fee but also the stalls have special offers.i got 3 magazines for £5.They may have been back issues but at the end of the day they have really good stuff in them so I don’t care if it a latest issue or not.Plus when they are like £3.99 each maybe more you know you are getting your moneys worth when you pay £5 for 3.There was also another stall with other magazines that are RRP £5.99 and they were selling for a £1 each!I got 5 and I have a stack of free card thrown with that so I was quite pleased with that.

One area of the show was textile art show.There was some very beautiful inspiring work on display from knitted objects to dresses.there was also a collection of dresses that costumes from the 2008 british film “The Duchess” 

To say I only had like £65(months of saving) I got quite alot.These are a few pictures i took there and hope you like them

I’d say money well spent =)

I really whated to bring this home 


Pretty dress

Wall of work


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