words of wisdom

20 Jan

Signs are all around us and I feel some people don’t listen to what is being said. They tell us where we are when we are lost. Whether it be what room to go to or directions to a destination. In our lives we always have to follow something in order to get somewhere, signs are the way. I feel art in the world is lost to those who don’t understand or do not wish to know. Art is a big thing yet some wish not to welcome it into their lives due to it being too out there, bold, different. They need a helping hand. I am the helping hand. I want to show them the way and let them experience art for themselves and hopefully it will become a passion as it is mine. Getting art into the world is a challenge and so is getting people to the art itself.

I will share my thoughts with you.

I will tell you where you are!

I will tell you what to do!

You will look!

You will follow!

You will question!

You will!


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