snow sculptures

8 Jan

due to recent weather conditions i thought it would be interesting to see what i can do with the snow and link totards my project.there were a few things a tried out such as building snow castles but it keep falling apart so in the end i was stamping the heart shaped bucket into the snow like a stamp.

This wasy the bucket i used for creating the following images. 

To craete the hearts indented into the sow all i did was push the bucket down into the down right way up and repeasted at a few times.After i thought about snow castles but they didnt work so i thought about flipping the bucket upside down and pressing that into the snow instead.

these were the raised hearts i craeted.unfortuntly when photographing these are are not clear.I thought tomyself these are really pretty and thoguht about trying to pick the hearts up.It didn’t work by hand they just fell apart so in the end i say useing a small spade and scooping them up placing them carfully down so they didnt fall apart.

the spade was so much easier to pick them up


 3D heart!

A few hearts together,really pretty



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